March 19, 2018

CI Capital offers its institutional clients a wide array of services:


Supported by an accomplished and adept sales and trading team, CI Capital Securities Brokerage delivers first-rate execution services to its clients. Our team’s quick and masterful execution allows us to dominate the market, capturing up to 30% market share.


Our institutional clients enjoy unsurpassed access to senior-level representatives from a number of MENA’s largest companies, for one-on- one meetings. A series of conferences throughout the year, in Cape Town, Cairo, New York, and London, aim to offer investors valuable insights and strategic investment planning. The attendees control more than USD10tn in AUM, mandated for investment in emerging and frontier markets.


CI Capital Research is a leading MENA research house. The team covers approximately 90 stocks, across 6 markets in the MENA region, equivalent to 36% of the respective markets’ market cap, as of December 2017. The research covers various sectors, including financials, insurance, real estate, construction, materials, logistics, consumer, and healthcare. Following a thematic approach, our research features a top-down perspective, in conjunction with foundational bottom-up analyses, to present institutional and high-net- worth / retail investors the strongest opportunities for investment in the MENA equity sphere.

Timeline of conferences