Tarek Azmy

Founding Shareholder, Board Member and Managing Director, CORPLEASE

Tarek Azmy is one of few Egyptian leasing professionals who gained their leasing experience in international markets. After returning to Egypt in 2000, Azmy was heavily involved in the planning, due diligence, private equity rounds, formation, and start of business of Corplease Egypt, a broad-based leasing company, established in December 2003.

Azmy has broad-based domestic, regional, and international banking and leasing experience, extending over 25 years. He was previously with Chase National Bank in Egypt. Since 1991, Azmy was based in London with the NBK Group in Global Institutional Banking. In 1996, he moved to the CIT Group, one of the largest leasing and asset finance houses (formerly AT&T Capital and Newcourt Credit Group), and was a Board Member of CIT’s subsidiary leasing companies in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Russia (based in London).

Azmy has participated in Chase Manhattan Bank Credit Training Program, London Business School Investment Management Program, and various courses and seminars. He holds a BA in Business Administration.

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