Equity Sales Trader (Mansoura – Alexandria – Head office)

Job brief

Employment Type: Full Time

Experience: 2 years

Job description

Duties towards clients:

  • Gathering information and analyzing the market on a daily basis depending on fundamental and technical analysis reports.
  • Identifying issues affecting retail clients.
  • Track and analyze market conditions to develop strategies for maximizing profits for retail clients.
  • Update Clients’ data in case of any changes.
  • Track client’s accounts and determine the amount of potential profit from stock purchases.
  • Notify retail clients when transactions have been completed.
  • Develop client relationships & present ideas to clients.
  • Activate dormant retail accounts.
  • Ensure client satisfaction and fulfillment.


Attracting new clients:

  • Sales calls to new retail clients.
  • Seeking out prospective clients.
  • Activating current clients by offering new trading strategies, solving their problems and handling them.
  • Sales and Marketing for our company’s products.
    (online trading, research, …etc)


Compliance and Market Knowledge:

  • Adhere and comply with internal policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory authorities as well as internal control functions (audit, risk and compliance)
  • Revising all transaction after every session to ensure that all the transactions were executed with the exact amount and prices.
  • Solving errors immediately
  • Provide clients with summarized report of all their transactions by end of each quarter to sign it.
  • Other duties include processing client’s orders.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree in Management, Business, Economics or Finance
  • Securities Brokerage Trading License.


Required Experience:

Minimum 2 years of experience in Securities Brokerage

Job-specific Skills:

Excellent understanding of;

  • Portfolio Management, Financial and Investment Analysis, Portfolio Performance & Equity Analysis.


Generic Skills:

Budgeting, Contractual & Financial Negotiations, Financial Reporting.

How to apply

Kindly send your resume to mentioning the job title in the subject .

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