CI Capital Tops EIMA Funds’ Performance Report Of 2017 In All Asset Classes Under Management

January 28, 2018

Abol Enein: Our outstanding performance in all asset classes is the culmination of our efforts throughout the year and the continuation of our superior performance in the Egyptian market

CI Capital, a leading Egyptian diversified financial services group, topped the Egyptian Investment Management Association’s (EIMA) Funds’ Performance Report for the year 2017. With this achievement, CI Capital adds a new success to its track record of superior performance and ranking of the funds under its management and its demonstrated ability to introduce one of the largest, diversified and innovative product base in the Egyptian market, which includes equity funds whether conventional or Sharia-compliant, fixed income funds, money market funds whether conventional or Sharia-compliant, balanced funds and open-ended capital protected funds. These fund products are in addition to the company’s tailored discretionary portfolios that are managed by a team of experts and specialists in the asset management field.

As per EIMA’s Funds’ Performance Report for the year 2017, CIB’s “Istithmar” equity fund, one of CIB’s sponsored funds investing in stocks listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, is ranked as best-performing equity fund with cumulative returns of 44.14% for the year 2017 and a cumulative returns of 147.54% for the last two years, outperforming all peer equity funds in the Egyptian markets in addition to outperforming the EGX 30 index by an alpha of 22.48% in 2017 and 33.16% for the last two years, respectively.

CI Capital also topped the fixed income fund and the money market fund categories of EIMA’s Funds’ Performance Report for the year 2017, with CIB fixed income fund “Thabat” ranking first for its FY2017’s return of 17.99% and Arope’s money market fund’s returns’, under CI AM’s management during 2017, outperforming money market funds in the market with its FY2017’s return of 16.64%.

As for the Sharia-compliant equity fund category, CI Capital is also at the top of the list with the co-sponsored CIB-Faisal “Aman” Fund ranking first for its 2 and 3- years’ cumulative returns of 126.46%, and 74.88%, respectively, while ranking second for its FY2017’s return of 38.72%.

CI Capital ranked second in the balanced funds’ category with CIB’s “Takamool” fund’s returns for the FY2017 ’s return of 29.29% and its 2-years’ cumulative return of 87.56%, (whereas it is ranked first if this category only included funds with balanced investment guidelines having a maximum equity exposure of 60% of the fund’s net asset value).

“CI Capital topping the 2017 EIMA funds’ performance report is the culmination of our outstanding performance throughout the year. It also reinforces our clients’ confidence in the firm’s performance and the continuation of providing superior performances for all asset classes under management which is something that we are always proud of” Amr Abol Enein, Managing Director and CI Capital’s Head of Asset Management, said.

Topping EIMA’s performance report for the year 2017 in all asset classes under management represents a strong boost for the company in seeking to expand its AUMs as well as its client base, as we aspire to take advantage of the new year’s opportunities to increase our market share.

“Our team of professionals keep on pioneering in terms of performance and the ability to introduce a variety of innovative products, as the company launched the first Sharia-compliant money market fund, in addition to the first one-year open-ended capital protected fund in the Egyptian market,” He added.